5 Natural Ways to get rid of Household Pests & Bugs

A pest infestation is not only esthetically upsetting but also can pose a serious health risk. One sure way to ensure a pest-free place is to deter any infestation in the first place by keeping our home spic and span clean and filling any cracks and crevices- particularly near entry ways, kitchen and bathroom to deter any bugs from entering our space in the first place! But in case of infestation, is important to try and utilize as many of the natural methods to get rid of pests and bugs; to ensure that we are not ingesting harmful chemicals. We hope you find the ideas and methods expressed in this book very helpful in naturally maintaining a bug-free living area. Here are 5 Natural Ways to get rid of Household Pests and Bugs. You can read more in the Book: Household Pests and Bugs: Understand Pest Control and learn how natural measures can be used to prevent, control and eliminate common household pests.

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