Constipation: Chapter 5


    WHY do some people win and others lose in every game in life? With very few exceptions the winners are those who study, understand and then play the game. Losers are those who trust to luck, or depend on watching the winners and taking advice from them. Those so inclined should know and remember that every individual success is a law unto itself. An imitated success always lacks the personality of the successful. There is as much difference between the successful and their imitators as there is between the animate and the inanimate puppet. Therefore those who would win in making a personal application of the knowledge to be attained in a study of this book, must study it and then apply it.

    Those who are looking for formulas of new, strange and specific bowel persuaders and drivers are doomed to disappointment. Indeed, the world is full of books offering cures galore for constipation, and yet constipation remains man's middle name, if not his silent partner.

    All cures for constipation up to date are most excellent builders of the derangement. Why not? Constipation is a symptom of enervation. Anything that stimulates, irritates, or in any way coaxes, persuades, cajoles, wheedles, pushes or drives the bowels, adds to the sum of enervation and further lessens the functions of secretion and excretion.

    Anything that adds to the sum of life, energy, the general tone of the mind and body, increases organic functioning and not only overcomes constipation, but adds power to all organs; hence a cure for constipation means restoring health.

    The first thing to do in restoring health is to poise the mind and body. Mental constipation is to be overcome first. Forget it. Stop thinking about the bowels and follow the instructions given under the head of your particular type of constipation.

    Fear and worry eat up nerve energy and build just what you wish to overcome. Stop them! Play the game with as little thought as possible. If there is one remedy greater than another in restoring health, it is to Forget It, and stop talking and writing about it; and when friends are solicitous, and ask about your health, answer promptly and peremptorily, "Fine as Silk!" And smile if it cracks your face. Remove as soon as possible the crepe from your countenance and smile; it is the only way to get rid of the villain who has dismantled you. Keep this in mind: Health is more contagious than disease.

    All the powers of evolution are on your side, and if you do not block every natural effort on the part of your body to eliminate, by practicing a lot of mental and physical bad habits, health will win, and full mental and physical efficiency will be your reward.

    Do you want all of good that is possible for you to have? All right, play the game. Do not be a quitter, a silly ass, and expect something for nothing. You cannot build health while practicing a lot of enervating habits. Stop all stimulants. Stop thinking evil, doing evil and living a selfish life. A life of service is the secret of health and happiness. Service is the religion of common sense. If a bootblack, polish the heels as well as the toes; if the president of the United States, serve the country, not your constituency necessarily. Service solves all problems of life from constipation to constitutions. Play the game; stop being selfish, which is a synonym of constipation. Do not expect to be cured instanter. The habits that brought constipation were practiced a long time; it will take time to get back to the normal. Be hopeful, expectant and patient. Remember this book teaches health, not palliation. If a physic is what you want, go to the druggist. If your old habits force you into taking something to make your bowels move, you need not expect benefit from the advice in this book. To get well will surely reward you for patience, so play the game.

    Keep this in mind, it will help you: Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Surely you are not foolish enough to expect to cure a disease by treating a symptom. Learn to live for health.

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