It is now the endeavor of scientific medicine to educate people into believing that, if they are inoculated with all kinds of prevention, and often enough, disease will be made impossible for them. Doctoring of all kinds, from the wonder-workers to the most utterly utter modern medical scientist, correctly interpreted means, or is equivalent to: Ignore health laws; remain ignorant of them; ruthlessly break them; and, when suffering because of such stupidity or incorrigibility, send for the tom-tom artist, or be immured or cured by one of the inoculations or serumizations.

    My stand against vaccination and serumization for the prevention and cure of disease is based on the conviction that the treatment is in oposition to law, common-sense, and reason. The laws of nature or God, if you please--have been broken before disease manifests. Disease is a crisis, which means an effort on the part of the body to eliminate pent-up toxins. It is a systematic house-cleaning, and would not be necessary if irrational living had not brought on enervation, checking elimination and causing Toxemia. I must declare that there is no logic--absolutely no common-sense--in breaking every law of nature, as conventional civilization does, and, when retribution comes, endeavor to sidestep the consequences by getting under the cover of cure or prevention, which in no wise corrects outlawry or its penalty.

    Thinking people can know, if they want to, that disease is not what medical science teaches--namely, symptom-complexes caused by extraneous influences--and that it may not be prevented or cured by vaccines or serums. Disease, so-called, is nature's way of curing. A cold is elimination of toxin. To stop the symptoms means to stop elimination, which means forcing the organism to retain the toxins and gradually grow a larger toleration, until life is overwhelmed by a so- called acute disease or a chronic organic disease, which may end in the destruction of some important organ, or life itself.

    Disease is auto-house-cleaning, and all the treatment necessary is rest of body and mind. So-called treatment or curative measures are positively obstructive.

    Isn't it a fact that immunity to disease is natural? Man breaks down his immunity by building Toxemia and a cesspool under his diaphragm. The only reason why people are ever sick is because their resistance is broken down. I say broken-down resistance advisedly; for if people who are subject to so-called epidemics are educated into proper living--proper care of their bodies--and they then live accordingly, they rise above the socalled disease-producing influence.

    Instead of attempting to immunize against disease by the injection into the body of a poison--a poison made from the filth of animal disease--would it not be better to immunize by establishing proper living habits to build up a natural resistance to disease? A healthy body will not develop any disease--no, not smallpox.

    Medical superstition and commercialism in combination render mind oblivious to truth and impotent to reason logically; else, how is it possible to believe that infecting the blood with septic vaccine or serum, which is poison, renders immunity to a disease from which the culture medium is taken? For example, a calf is inoculated with pus from a smallpox pustule. When septic inflammation has gone through the inflammatory stage to ulceration and suppuration, this pus is used to vaccinate human beings, in the superstitious belief that the disease created (vaccinea) immunizes against smallpox. The only reason why the vaccine disease does not kill is because the poisoning is of the skin. If the operation should carry the poison beneath the skin--hypodermatize--general septic poisoning would be induced, and the patient would die from septicemia (putrescent infection)--the same infection that takes place in wounds that are badly drained, or in child-bed fever where natural drainage is obstructed and intra-uterine douches are neglected.

    Septic poisoning is the same, be the infection from vaccine, serum, a badly drained traumatism (wound), or suppuration located anywhere in the body. There are but two sources of infection; namely, Toxemia from retained waste-products of metabolism (tissue-change), and putrescent infection. The latter runs a rapidly fatal course in pronouncedly toxemic subjects.

    If children were fed right, there would be no excuse for so-called vaccine prevention, which per se is an infection; for it is made from putrescence--products of disease. The human mind appears to have an aptness of penchant for reveling in filth. "As a dog returneth to his vomit," so the human family is led by its own ignorance, or the superstition of its medical advisers, to return to the body's dejecta for cures or prevention, in spite of the fact that purlfication is preached by all nature.

    What are vaccines made from? The waste--the excrete--eliminated by the throes we call disease. This debris is taken to laboratories, and by scientific conjuration it is made pure--so pure that it is thrown into the blood of children with the idea that they will be better able to resist disease than if their blood is allowed to remain pure or up to the standard established by nature. Can common-sense reasoning make anything out of such a procedure but madness--science frenzy?


    This, in truth, is a gruesome, discouraging physical derangement, which, if not overcome, in time weakens the mind.

    The rule is that children recover from acute intestinal attacks, and to all appearances are as well as ever the next day after a severe convulsion. This is true in those cases caused by indigestion. It is not uncommon for convulsions to develop in neurotic children every time they have acute indigestion.

    There are different kinds of spasms, depending upon the various causes. All convulsions are symptoms. In other words, they are symptomatic--caused by various derangements of the system.

    The nervous system of children is very susceptible to irritations. A severe indigestion, causing pain in the stomach and bowels, is liable to throw a young child or baby into convulsions. A catarrhal condition of the throat, extending to the ears and to the mastoid cells, will cause convulsions in the majority of children. Meningitis (inflammation of the membranes of the brain) is often ushered in with convulsions.

    A severe injury will often create a convulsion. Fear, or sudden fright, will throw a child into convulsions. If the mother who is overworked and has become very tired should nurse her child before she has rested, her milk is liable to produce convulsions in the baby. Fright on the part of the mother, if it does not dry up the milk, and if the child nurses, is liable to throw the child into convulsions. It is very dangerous for a mother to nurse a child immediately after pronounced anger, or after she has been subjected to sex-excitement. Pronounced jealousy on the part of the mother will so change the milk of her breasts as to throw the child into convulsions. Mothers subjected to the excitement of picnics on hot days, or who are spending a day in an outing in very hot weather, may change their milk to such an extent that the child will be thrown into convulsions.

    Many of these cases may end in vomiting and purging in those children where convulsions do not develop. The so-called cholera infantum in babies is oftener than otherwise caused by the mother's milk being deranged in the various ways hinted at above. Hence cholera infantum frequently starts in an infant with convulsions, and with vomiting and purging following.

    Mothers who go into labor with the stomach and bowels full of food, will have a very great deal of discomfort, and most of them will have instrumental labor. If nothing else is ruptured, the neck of the womb usually is. This then becomes a point of septic inflammation and ulceration. Systemic infection follows, which puts the mother's milk in a septic state unfit for the child. After the child has been nursed for a few days, it is made sick, and possibly will develop convulsions. If this is understood, the child will be taken from the breast and given artificial feeding. It matters not how old the child is--if it is two or three days, or two or three weeks old--it must be kept without food until the convulsions have entirely disappeared for at least twenty-four hours. Then it may be given the amount of modified milk that will be within its digestive possibilities.

    Mothers who feel kindly toward their unfortunate offspring may be prepared to put the child back on the breast, if given the proper uterine treatment. If the ulceration and septic absorption can be overcome in a reasonable time by proper local treatment, in the course of two weeks the child may be put back on the breast. In the meantime the breasts should be emptied daily with a breast-pump. This manipulation should be very carefully carried out, so that the breasts will not be bruised. If the breasts are kept clear of milk for two weeks, and the mother is fed properly, and her mind is poised as it should be, she may try nursing the child again. But watch! If her blood has not been cleared of the toxic absorption, the milk may disagree. Then artificial feeding should be given again, and continued for a week; the same treatment being repeated for the mother.

    Many times I have been successful in bringing the mother back to the normal, so that she can have the pleasure of being a real mother to her baby.

    There are many causes for spasms or convulsions, but the common cause is gastro-intestinal indigestion. The indigestion may have a physical or mental base. Almost invariably a child has been indulged in taking unfit food mixtures or in overeating. As soon as the bowels and stomach are cleared out, the cause is removed; and, unless the child is overfed immediately or very soon after, it may never have another convulsion.

    Symptoms.--The child may appear unhappy and indisposed, and look sick for a day or two. The face may be flushed and white around the mouth Perhaps it appears sick at the stomach. It may gag and make an effort at vomiting. The temperature may run very high. Some children are threatened with convulsions for several hours before a real spasm takes place; others may be taken suddenly. The child will scream, put the arms around the mother, and act frightened. After which it may quiet down for a minute; then have the same symptoms repeated. Many times, however, the child will have pain in the bowels, which are usually bloated with gas, and may be sick at the stomach, or even vomit. In the effort at vomiting too much blood is sent to the brain, and the convulsion ensues at once.

    Few people need a description of this fearful disease, but for those who know nothing about it I will say that the child appears excited or frightened, and begins to jerk the arms and hands in rapid succession. The jerking is usually confined to one hand and one arm on one side of the body, the head jerking and twisting to the opposite side. The face is drawn and distorted; the eyes roll or stare; the pupils are dilated; and in a few seconds there will be a struggle for breath. The symptoms often give the impression that the child will choke; but the breath is shut off from the spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the throat and lungs. As the convulsions continue, the child's face becomes purple--bluish to black; the tissues about the face are puffed and engorged; and in a longer or shorter time the intervals between the jerkings increase in length, until relaxation begins. Then breathing or inhalation takes place, with a distressing rattling in the throat, which scares the mother, as she thinks the child is choking to death. It is not due to anything in the throat, except the mucus that has accumulated during the convulsion. The choking is really caused from the spasmodic closure of the air- passage. The jerking subsides, and relaxation comes slowly. Sometimes the tongue is bitten, causing the mucus to be bloody.

    After relaxation starts, it is not very long before the child becomes quiet and falls into a heavy sleep that may last for an hour or for several hours. In severe cases, children will go through one of these convulsions, and hardly get relaxed before another convulsion starts, as severe as the previous one. The length of time varies from a minute to two or three minutes. I have seen many infants at the breast develop a short spasm every twenty minutes for twelve to twenty-four hours. Of course, such convulsions are very much lighter than the type described above.

    Treatment.--The treatment for convulsions in children over one year of age, is simple enough. What we know as acute cases--cases that are brought on from indigestion in children that have been allowed to eat too heartily and improperly-- should have the bowels cleared out with enemas. Most of them have vomited sufficiently to remove all the decomposing food in the stomach. Then if they are given a fast of a day or two--long enough to get back to the normal--the eating may begin with very little fruit, cooked non-starchy vegetables or vegetable soup, and salad--orange juice mornings, ground salads noons, soup evenings. They should be kept on this plan of feeding at least two days before milk is given. Then a little milk may be given with the fruit for breakfast, and also with the vegetables and salad at noon, and either sweet milk or buttermilk, with prunes? for the evening meal. After four days, regular eating, without the frills that made them sick.

    At the beginning of the second week, a little whole- wheat bread, eaten dry, may be given, followed with fruit for breakfast, toast followed with vegetables and salad at noon, and fruit with milk i. the evening. This is a balanced ration for children.


    The age of medical filth, dirt, and germ insanity is passing. Occasionally a medical neophyte evolves in his experience to the kissing-bug stage. He attracts the attention of a few who have not kept up with the procession, and thrills them by crying out against the immemorial habit of kissing the baby.

    There are still a lot of heathen mothers and doctors who prefer to put pure pus--vaccine, into a pure baby's blood to planting a kiss of love on their sweet little faces and mouths. It takes, not only ignorance, but a lot of stupidity, to warn mothers about the danger of kissing their babies, and in the same breath extol the saving graces of vaccination--vaccine being the product of a pustular infection scientifically cultivated on the belly of a calf. All kinds of immunization on the order of pure vaccine are recommended as vicarious atonement for the sins of man by the enemies of kissing babies.

    Inasmuch as kissing babies dates back to the origin of affinity--chemical attraction--and since our solar system is held together by the push and pull of love and hate, mothers will coddle, love, and kiss their babies. The cat, dog, cow--in fact, all animals--lick and love their babies. Because of this love of children, the race is perpetuated. The infinite number of human beings who have lived and passed away have been mother-loved. Not until the latter part of the nineteenth century did man denounce kissing.

    Has the pernicious teaching of kiss-nihilism had anything to do with domesticity in the past fifty years? Has there ever been such a state of incorrigibility in youth? Mothers would better kiss their babies into hospitals than withhold the kiss and send them to the gallows or prison. Think it over, you fellows who would stop kissing, shaking hands, etc., or do away with human fellowship by teaching everyone to believe that every other one is a perambulating infection. If science teaches this phobia, science be damned, along with science maniacs!

    The medical profession knows that parents kill their babies kissing them; but the superstition-macerated brain cannot see any harm that can come to babies by vaccinating, serumating, and overfeeding them.

    What is the rational meaning of "kiss their babies into their graves"? It certainly does not mean planting bacteria, later to war on the leucocytes--white blood-corpuscles. One of the exploded theories is that consumption (tuberculosis) is caused by germs. If it were, no one would escape, even without the aid of a kiss.

    The rear ranks of the medical profession still teach that tuberculosis is contagious and infectious, and they still cling to the impossible theory that bovine tuberculosis is transmissible to human beings. As the human herd is still savage in its instincts, it must massacre something, and, in lieu of an excuse to kill human beings, it satisfies its blood-thirst on the farmer's stock.

    The foundation for tuberculosis, cancer, and other so-called chronic diseases is oftener than otherwise laid in babyhood--not from kissing, but from overfeeding, bringing on catarrh of the air passages, stomach, and bowels, marked by frequent crises or symptom-complexes named in a general way "diseases peculiar to children." And when the children are protein-poisoned, their catarrhal crises (disease) take on infection (putrescence), such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, and other putrid diseases. Those who do not die continue building various infections, local and general, many of which kill in early life. Those of strong vitality go down in middle life, and often with kidney, liver, intestinal, brain, and nervous diseases; more from lung diseases or tuberculosis.

    The proper management in babies and older children will make impossible the building of such tragic endings.

    Germ phobics have a lot of time to head off the effect of a kiss-planted germ, if there were any truth in their germ theory. Why, in the name of their gods, don't they immunize when they are so cock-sure that germs implanted in babies end in tuberculosis after maturity? You people who fall for such bunk should demand immunization instead of an outpouring of germophobic hot-air.

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