Here is a good book I found in the public domain on "Children: Their Health and Happiness"... has some interesting concepts and ideas and so am sharing with my readers here...


A Ready Reference Book for Mothers
Who Desire to Know How to
Bring Up Their Children
In Health


Denver, Colorado


To those mothers who wish to sidestep the conventional errors which lead to so much unnecessary sickness in children.

    THE laws of nature--or God, if you please--have been broken before disease manifests. Disease is a crisis, which means an effort on the part of the body to eliminate pent-up toxins. It is a systematic house-cleaning, and would not be necessary if irrational living had not brought on enervation, checking elimination and causing Toxemia. I must declare that there is no logic--absolutely no common-sense--in breaking every law of nature, as conventional civilization does, and, when retribution comes, endeavor to sidestep the consequences by getting under the cover of cure or prevention, which in no wise corrects outlawry or its penalty.

    Thinking people can know, if they want to, that disease is not what medical science teaches--namely, symptom-complexes caused by extraneous influences--and that it may not be prevented or cured by vaccines or serums. Disease, so-called, is nature's way of curing. A cold is elimination of toxin. To stop the symptoms means to stop elimination, which means forcing the organism to retain the toxins and gradually grow a larger toleration, until life is overwhelmed by a so-called acute disease or a chronic organic disease, which may end in the destruction of some important organ, or life itself.

    Disease is auto-house-cleaning, and all the treatment necessary is rest of body and mind. So-called treatment or curative measures are positively obstructive.

    Isn't it a fact that immunity to disease is natural? Man breaks down his immunity by building Toxemia and a cesspool under his diaphragm The only reason why people are ever sick is because their resistance is broken down. I say broken-down resistance advisedly; for if people who are subject to so-called epidemics are educated into proper living--proper care of their bodies--and they then live accordingly, they rise above the so-called disease-producing influences.



    TOXEMIA is the basic cause of all diseases. To prevent Toxemia, avoid enervation in children. Of all the nerve-destroying influences to which children are subjected, the most pernicious are those that cause fear--fear of failing in school; the displeasure of teacher and parents; stupid scolding by parents, whose only excuse is grouchiness from their own torpid livers, brought on them from eating bacon, eggs, liver, hot bread, and coffee for breakfast, or some other as vicious indulgence, which causes domestic bickering. Unhappy homes are a constant menace to the health of children. Parents should spare children an exhibition of their venom.

    Standing at the head of the list of causes of enervation in children is Fear. We as a people overlook the real menaces to health, and teach bacteriology, infection, contagion, etc. And, to immunize against these so-called influences, we vaccinate and contaminate the blood of children, thereby adding an ally to Toxemia and fear, to break down resistance still further.

    Just why the profession reasons so grotesquely concerning health, diseases, and their causes and treatment, is beyond understanding. The most obvious truth should be that 100 per cent health is all the immunization which an animal or a man needs. This being true, why not "get down to brass tacks," discard our rag-baby delusions concerning germs, contagions, infections, etc., and be taught by the obvious--namely, that health is the normal state, and that any influence that lowers nerve-energy lowers the health standard? Germs cannot be a cause, because they are ubiquitous--ever-present. If they are the cause of disease, no one would ever reach the state called health. So-called epidemics, contagions, and infections do not influence normal, healthy children. Who are the children that make up the sick list? They are found in homes where discontent, scolding, complaining, nervousness, loud voices, sharp rebukes, threatenings, fault-finding, disputes, arguing, castigating, are the daily routine. Real love and kindness are crowded out. Everyone is grouchy, and there appears to be a rivalry in seeing who can make the most cutting retorts. No care is given to eating, and little to the proper preparation of food. The best food will disagree when temper, irritation, and grouch prevail.

    Unpoised parents always have nervous children. Such homes have much use for doctors--medical men who talk of germs, pure milk, vaccine, serum, contagion, and a lot of inane bunk on that order, but not a word concerning the pure milk of human kindness, love, and sympathy.

    Fear in the homes and schools is the cause of about all the so-called diseases that belabor health officers and cause them to issue their bulls ordering vaccination, quarantine, tonsillotomy, tests, etc., etc.

    Fear enervates; Toxemia follows; after which any old so-called disease may start. Then complicate it by "regular treatment," and "say, boy!" you are in line for any unusual usual disease.

    That children are made sick by fear is not strange when we think of how fear is taught to children by parents and teachers, and then followed up by three professions--preachers, doctors, and lawyers; the latter enforcing the mandates of the doctors. The bogy devil and hell have gone out of fashion, but have been supplanted by the fear of germs and the dreadful diseases they cause, and the more dreadful brews concocted to scare away microscopic witches.

    These various usurpers of nervous energy are worthy an illuminating essay each; for all play a part in the denaturing of man, and by building enervation, lay the foundation for all so-called diseases by causing retention of toxin in the blood. When enervation is produced, elimination is checked, and Toxemia is established; then deterioration of the organism begins, subtilely at first, manifesting on organs most stressed by use and abuse, showing up as functional derangements, which subside, to recur at longer or shorter intervals, until organic change (pathology) is established.

    Lack of harmony in the homes is one of the most constant causes of enervation followed by Toxemia, and then the diseases "peculiar to children."

    Children suffer from this cause. Even the infant is made sick by the mother's milk, when the latter is irritated by the domestic infelicities occurring daily. Mothers are often subjected to the bestiality of sensual husbands, which prenatally curses the child; and the pernicious influence often remains throughout its life. Read Tilden's "Toxemia Explained."

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