For the first six months of the second year the child should be fed fifty-fifty three times a day, and a vegetable and fruit combination for the fourth meal.

    The fifty-fifty may be given at 6 a. m., 2 p. m., and 6 p. m.; the fruit and vegetable meal at 10 a. m.

    The fifty-fifty is made by combining half warm milk and half hot water. Whole milk should be used, and the fifty-fifty should be prepared fresh for each feeding.

    As to the amount to be given at a feeding, the child should be allowed to take about what is desired, the stools being watched as a guide for overeating. If small white milk curds appear in the bowel movements, it means that more milk is given than can be digested. Change the milk then from fifty-fifty to one-third milk and two-thirds water; until the stools become normal. Then return to the fifty-fifty. If reducing the milk to one-third does not bring results, do not hesitate to reduce it still more, increasing the proportion of water until curds disappear from the stools then return to fifty-fifty.

    At any time when the digestion seems all right, but there is no increase in weight, increase the amount of fifty-fifty given, but do not increase the amount of milk without increasing the amount of water also. Keep the proportion fifty-fifty, milk and water.

    For the vegetable and fruit meal at 10 a. m., the vegetables and fruit may be run through a sieve or vegetable-mill, and both the juice and the fine pulp fed to the child. About all may be given that is desired. There is not so much danger of overfeeding on this food as of overfeeding on milk and heavier foods, although it must be remembered that it is possible to overeat on the most perfect of foods and bring on digestive troubles.



    For the last six months of the second year the meals should be cut down to three at the regular times.

    The first meal may consist of fifty-fifty, followed with fruit.

    The second meal may be of fifty-fifty and raw vegetables. For the raw vegetables, any may be used that are desired, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, etc. They may all be run through a vegetable-mill before serving.

    The third meal should be of fifty-fifty, and followed with cooked vegetables--any of the green vegetables, not including the potato, which is too starchy. A vegetable puree may be given occasionally.

    The child does not need anything in the line of starch until the third year is reached. 

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