Chakras and Aromatherapy

Chakras and Aromatherapy- - Sandhya Bhat

In the etheric body of human beings there are supposed to be energy centers which are also called as wheels or vortices. The word “Chakra” comes from the Sanskrit (ancient Vedic language) word meaning “wheel”. There are supposed to be seven main and twenty-one minor chakras. Each of these chakras energetically govern certain areas of the physical body and thus by energetically healing the chakras, one can achieve a very beneficial effect on the corresponding part in the physical body.

The Chakra and their physical body co-relation is as follows-

Physical Body Parts it Governs
First Chakra
Base Center
Ø  Kidneys
Ø  Excretion
Ø  Adrenal Glands

Second Chakra
Sacral Center
Ø  Genital System

Third Chakra
Solar Plexus Center
Ø  Stomach
Ø  Digestive System

Fourth Chakra
Heart Center
Ø  Heart
Ø  Lungs

Fifth Chakra
Throat Center
Ø  Throat
Ø  Speech
Ø  Hearing
Ø  Nervous System
Ø  Thyroid

Sixth Chakra
Brow Center
Ø  Pituitary Gland
Ø  Eyes
Ø  Brain

Seventh Chakra
Crown Center
Ø  Pineal Gland

It has a comprehensive effect on the general well-being of the person’s entire mind, body and spirit.

The healing effects of the various essential oils on the Chakra centers are as follows-

Essential Oils ‘and’ Hydrosols
Base Chakra
Ø  Myrrh
Ø  Patchouli
Ø  Rosewood
Ø  Thyme

Sacral Chakra
Ø  Sandalwood
Ø  Clary Sage
Ø  Fennel
Ø  Cardamom

Solar Plexus Chakra
Ø  Juniper
Ø  Cedarwood
Ø  Coriander
Ø  Black Pepper
Ø  Lime
Ø  Marjoram
Ø  Cardamom

Heart Chakra
Ø  Rose
Ø  Bergamot
Ø  Ylang-Ylang
Ø  Mandarin
Ø  Tangerine
Ø  Jasmine
Ø  Lavender
Ø  Geranium

Throat Chakra
Ø  Basil
Ø  Peppermint
Ø  Rosewood
Ø  Rosemary

Brow Chakra
Ø  Rosemary
Ø  Lemon
Ø  Pine

Crown Chakra
Ø  Neroli
Ø  Rose
Ø  Frankincense

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