Some Cooking Herb-Mixtures

Fines Herbes
Fines herbes is a culinary staple in French cuisine. It is a mixture of herbs consisting of chervil, tarragon, and chives. Sometimes parsley is included as well.

Herbes de Provence
Herbes de Provence (Provencal herbs) is a mix of aromatic plants, sometimes dried. These herbs are native to and have their origins in the Provence region of southern France.
The mixture traditionally contains rosemary, bay, basil, savory and thyme. The proportion of each herb varies depending on the manufacturer, and additional aromatic plants are occasionally added. It is mostly used to flavour grilled foods such as fish and meat, as well as vegetable stews. The mixture can be added to foods before or during cooking or mixed with cooking oil prior to cooking so as to infuse the flavour into the cooked food. It is rarely added after cooking is complete.

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