Bach Flower Essences: Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is taken as needed, and is available either in a small spray-bottle, in a glass bottle with an eye-dropper, or as a 'rescue cream' to be rubbed onto the skin. Drops are generally taken under the tongue.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is probably the most well-known and commonly used Bach Flower remedy. It is a combination of five essences. Rescue Remedy contains equal amounts each of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. The product is aimed at treating stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, especially in emergencies.

Rescue Cream

Another well-known rescue remedy is the Rescue Cream. It contains the same essences as in the liquid essence-combination plus Crab Apple and is formulated as a cream for external application. It is meant to be applied to the external physical body to treat minor skin problems such as itches, cuts, stings, pimple and minor burns as well as the associated discomfort and traumatic emotions of such ailments.


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