How to Cut Energetic Cords That Deplete You

Aho! I just came across my Shaman Healing instructor Elder Maggie's blogsite.

Thought this article will be of much help to all my readers as well... Personally, I have found great benefit in doing Karmic clearing (for past actions as well as karmic agreements, contracts & debts) and also cutting negative energy chords. Hope you find this article helpful.

Cutting cords:

You know you have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body. These are like layers in your aura going in this order from your skin out to about 4 feet from your physical body. Each of these layers in your aura can have cords attached to them by other people or outside influences. These are cords of energy that attach themselves to these auras both in front and behind your back, most often on your back. So we will do some cord cutting. Just stand up and call on your guides for their help. Here is an invocation to use.
” I call upon Creator, the angels and my guides and teachers to cut any cords that may be attached to my four body system today that are not for my highest good.”
Then use your hands like giant swords and let your guides use their giant swords and Creator use Her giant sword and proceed to move your hands from head to toe both back and front to slice through the air all around your body. You are cutting these cords that are sucking your energy from you in all four bodies. Continue chopping until you feel a slight difference or until you know inside that you have cut all the cords.
” I release these connections back to their sources with love and blessings for their highest good.” This is your word as you this work.

Then imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of protection as though you are standing inside an eggshell. The outside of the eggshell can be white or mirror or Teflon depending on what you prefer. Mine is made of a Teflon type material that lets in good energy but filters out any negative energy and will not allow negative cords to connect to it. Now fill the inside of the eggshell where you are standing with pure violet light energy that comes down from Creator from above. Let this beautiful violet light fill the eggshell and bathe you in peace and love from Creator and just feel this for a few moments and enjoy it.
” I thank Creator, my guides and helpers, the angels and all loving beings for your help in releasing these cords. I go in peace and love.”
That is cutting cords procedure. I do this every morning or whenever I notice my energy is cloudy or dark or I feel like someone is sapping my energy. It works every time. I keep that bubble of protection around me at all times. This will make you feel protected and loved and more powerful, give you more energy. Give it a try and let me know how you feel.
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