Avoid misconcepts about Vitamins

Avoid misconcepts about Vitamins
Author: Erwin Dossenbach
The current situation:
You really are interested in getting a better health and to protect yourself against some flues etc. You decided to improve your body with some Vitamins and Minerals. Possibly you consulted your medical doctor and you got some advice from him or from friends etc.
You read all the time that the vitamin package from XY is the best for you and will improve your feelings and your healthiness immediately. But did you ever feel it? Did you experience an improvement or did you really get less of illnesses, less of flues etc.? It really seldom is the case.
Are all the Vitamin offers only hype?
And only a big business with no real backup? Letus have a deeper look into it!
As an example: You buy a Multi-Vitamin pack and you think to do some good for your body and your health. Then you may read that a couple of Vitamins are composed in one pill or in one capsule. You see that from all of those Vitamins an equal amount is inside the capsule or the pill. They consist of Vitamins A, several B's and most likely an additional part of Vitamin D and/or E.
This is simply nonsense. Vitamins must be exactly compounded together in a correct amount to get a synergetic effect where every component is enforcing the other.
Another nonsense is that Vitamins like the A, D and E are together with Vitamins from the sort of B and C. B an C Vitamins are water soluble, but the others are fat soluble.
The whole nutrient transport system inside the body is based on water. Therefore your body can only transport Vitamins into the cells when they are water soluble. However this problem is normally handled in the duodenum. A little bit of such Vitamins have to activate the gall to extract its secretion to perform the Vitamins into a "water soluble" form to get them into the blood circulation. It is more than likely that most of the Vitamins taken are through the duodenum till the gall secretion starts its work. This leads to the conclusion that the biggest part of the Vitamins are going through your bowels and empties your bowels without any use for your body.
Scientific tests revealed that only a small part of the Vitamins taken arrive in the cell. These tests have the following results:
The availability in the cells of Vitamins taken as pills is only about 6-12% from the amount you swallowed.
The availability in the cell by Vitamins taken as capsules is a little bit better and can achieve up to 16%.
But now we have an additional problem! How should an average person know how many of the Vitamin B1 and B2 he should take to get an optimized synergy effect? As a matter of fact this is not even known to the medical doctor and varies from product to product depending on the production methods.
Another obstacle is the fact that many of the Vitamins are the subject of half-life. When you get a package of Vitamin pills and you read on it that you can take it within 3 or 4 years from now you will swallow at the given end time only preservatives with almost no Vitamins inside the pill.
Let us recapitulate:
To get an effective improvement of your body feelings, your health and your wellness the following must be secured:
1.) The taken Vitamins must be in a form which is applicable to your nutrient transport system, your blood system, to make sure the Vitamins are delivered to everyone of your 70 billion cells.
2.) The Vitamins must be composed together in the right amount to get the desired synergy effect.
3.) The fat soluble Vitamins must be in such an amount that your gall really can transform them (10% out of what you swallow) into a condition that enables the blood to transport them to the cells.
This can be resolved if you take the 10 fold of what is written on the package.
The next problem is:
The loss of minerals in the body causes significant problems like cramps (during the sleep time) and an acidic body. This is cause of pain in the ankles, loss of cartilage that leads to articular rheumatism or arthritis.
So you are going to the supermarket and buy some magnesia or potassium for a fizzy drink and you think that's it, I did some good for my body. Deadly wrong! If you don't take selenium at the same time your body cannot absorb the magnesia or the potassium and you don't have the effect you were going for.
But there is hope:
I reviewed a product line which eliminated all of the mysteries in that area. It is optimized to get the most synergy effect out of the Vitamins and Minerals.
These products are all manufactured with a new future technology, a process named Nano-Micellization, developed by a Professor Mitchell, who got awarded with the Nobel Price for that development. Independent tests revealed that this procedure grants an availability of 98% of the Vitamins in the cells. Even the fat soluble Vitamins are water soluble by the application of that production method.
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2009 Erwin Dossenbach
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