Critism on Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is considered to be pseudoscientific. Currently there are no scientific methods available to evaluate a crystal’s ‘healing energies’. But this is the case with all energetic healing methods. For e.g. how does Reiki healing occur?? Is there a particular Universal Energy (hmmm… wonder what’s the quantum information) that ‘causes’ the healing or is it the person’s mind-processes that make it real for them, thus bringing about a desired change (a placebo effect). Such studies have been conducted for various energy-healing modalities and Scientists have found distinct brain-chemical changes with person experiencing such techniques.
The so called scientific world views Crystal Healing as mainly due placebo effect, cognitive and memory biases. Crystal Therapy can also be classified as a pseudo-science under a number of Stephen Carey’s criteria. Carey explains that the “respectability” of science and scientific concepts comes from the experiments and the manner in which they are performed. He further goes on to assert that the difference between pseudo-science and science includes the “self-correction” of science, where incorrect conjectures have been reversed by further investigation, and the publication and reversal of reviewed journals.
Thus far there are very few to no reviewed journals or published experiments regarding the use of crystal healing. This further strengthens the argument for it being a pseudo-science.
The other reasoning for not accepting Crystal Healing as a genuine method is that all scientific methods are open to ‘revision’ where as Crystal Healing techniques are usually mired in ancient beliefs, mythologies and other accepted but not proven theories.
This brings up another important point. Usually scientists will study a particular topic if they are assured of large grants and sponsors for their project. Companies will gladly support them, since they are looking to patent the research findings. BUT in the case of ancient healing techniques, since they cannot be ‘patented’, there is not much incentive for scientists to study them or decipher their hidden mysteries.
Let’s see, hopefully as the New Age movement gains more momentum and the apparent limitations of allopathic techniques get more obvious, people will realize the need for well-developed natural alternatives. This in turn may spark out a renewed interest to research and study these ancient techniques with our modern technology. To obtain answers for energy healing questions in the Quantum Light…

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